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About Spotify

Spotify was founded on 23 April 2006 by two swedish Daniel EK and Martin Lorentzon who graduated in technology and IT . It provides audio streaming services. According to wikipedia: “It is the world's largest music streaming service provider, with over 381 million monthly active users, including 172 million paying subscribers, as of September 2021. Spotify is listed (through a Luxembourg City-domiciled holding company, Spotify Technology S.A on the New York Stock Exchange in the form of American depositary receipts.”

Spotify offers for their customers more than 70 milion songs recorded labels and media companies with digital copyright restricted. With the fantastic library of music and podcasts, a super user-friendly experience, affordable price plan, brilliant customized playlists and smart features rolled out frequently, it becomes a favorite music streaming service.  

With Spotify, users can easily find their favorite songs or podcasts for every moment. After a long day with weariness, the right music or podcast is always at your fingertips. 

Spotify Pair Code 

Spotify has a number of alluring features, one of which is the feature of mounting Spotify on other devices such as: TV, laptop,... Customers will be provided Spotify Com Pair Tv Activation Code. We will guide you how to access Spotify on TV. 

  • First, you can visit and enter your email address and password. If you usually log in with Facebook, create a Spotify password to log in with your email address.

  • Second, you open the Spotify app on your phone or tablet using Spotify Connect. 

  • Select LOG IN WITH PIN. Then on another device, go to and enter the pin you see on your screen, This will connect your Spotify to your Tv.


4 reasons why you should register Premium in Spotify. 

  1. Download music and you can enjoy your favorite songs anywhere

  2. Sometimes, you will feel uncomfortable and bothered. So if you register a Spotify account, you will not be interrupted by ads and chill nonstop without interruption.

  3. You can play any song, even on mobile

  4. Unlimited skips and just hit next. 


Available plans

There are 4 available plans: 

Premium individual: All the features of the Premium plan exclusively for you. Prices will vary by country. 

  • $9.99/month after offer period 1 account 

  •  Listen to music ad-free

  • Play anywhere - even offline

  • On-demand playback

Start or join Family plan

  • $15.99/month after offer period 6 accounts

  • 6 Premium accounts for family members living under one roof

  • Family Mix: a playlist for your family, regularly updated with music you all enjoy

  • Block explicit music

  • Ad-free music listening, play offline, on-demand playback

  • Spotify Kids: a separate app made just for kids

      → Start or join Duo plan:

  • $12.99/month after offer period

  • 2 accounts

  • 2 Premium accounts for a couple under one roof

  • Duo Mix: a playlist for two, regularly updated with music you both enjoy

  • Ad-free music listening, play offline, on-demand playback

    → Getting Premium Student:

  • $4.99/month after offer period

  • 1 account

  • Hulu (ad-supported) plan


  • Listen to music ad-free

  • Play anywhere - even offline

  • On-demand playback

Coupon codes in Spotify. 

Spotify’s goal is to provide customers the most modern, economical, convenience with the affordable prices. When you register a Spotify account, you will have to struggle with your budget. So many coupon codes,  іn-coupon, рrіntаblе coupons, special dеаlѕ, рrоmосоdеѕ are released every single day. If you don’t want to skip any  great coupons, you can visit to get interesting deals from here. With a few clicks, you can save a considerable amount of money. We collect and update coupon codes daily, so we ensure that most of the codes are varied. 


Frequently asked questions

How to cancel to register for Spotify? 

It’s so easy to cancel, let me guide you! If you are paying monthly, you can cancel when you want. First, you have to go to Help, then click on Your Account. Second, when your account details open in your Web browser, you click the link to manage subscriptions and payment. Last, click the big Cancel Premium button below it. Now all that’s left to do is confirm your decision by tapping Yes, Cancel. Again, remember that your membership won’t terminate immediately. You’ll have through the date noted above to continue using it.


What does Spotify do with customer’s data? 

If you’re worried that your personal information will be shared with third parties, don’t worry. Because your data will be secure. Spotify just collect "information about your use of the application, service and Web site, including personal information such as media that you access, queries you make, date and time of your request, your Internet protocol address, performance of your network and computer, your browser type, language and identifying information, your operating system and application version." 

How do I get higher quality music?

Sign up to Spotify Premium, and you can get music streamed at 320kbps. However, many Premium users may not be benefiting from this, as you have to manually turn it on. Simply click on Edit > Preferences and tick the box marked 'Enable high bitrate'.

How many songs can customers save? 

As you know, you can download a wide range of songs on my Spotify account so you can listen without the internet. Spotify mobile allows you to cache tunes for offline listening. You can cache up to 3,333 tracks.This number is so interesting, right? 

How do users get higher quality music?

First, you have to sign up to Spotify Premium, you can get music streamed at 320kbps. If you can’t benefit from this, you have to manually turn it on. It’s quite simple, Click on Edit → Preferences and tick the box marked “ Enable high bitrate”