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Stud Finder Home Depot/A stud finder (also stud detector or stud sensor) is a handheld device used with wood buildings to locate framing studs located behind the final walling surface, usually drywall. While there are many different stud finders available, most fall into two main categories: magnetic stud detectors and electric stud finders. There are also some devices employing radar. A stud finder is a very useful instrument that helps in locating studs behind the surface of the wall. Not just studs, it can detect anything that is metallic in nature and its powerful magnets can pierce through any surface to make the detection. They are a must-have for tradespeople and even for DIY works. Some of the stud finders are able to locate AC live wire and can detect them through wood and even plastic. The following is the list of top 10 best stud finders in 2019 you must consider buying for accurate and easy detection through various surfaces.

What you need to know about stud finders

What are the advantages of the best stud finders?

The main perk of working with a stud finder is that it takes a lot of the guesswork out of searching for studs. Without a stud finder, you are left doing things like knocking on the wall and guessing which areas sound denser. A stud finder takes out all this effort. No other method for finding studs comes close to the ease of use you get from a stud finder. In addition to speeding up your hunt for studs, it is also more accurate. You can hang items confidently instead of worrying about ripping big holes in your walls. Furthermore, many stud finders have extra features like levels that make it even easier to hang objects.

Are there any downsides to be aware of with the best stud finder options?

The main issue to keep in mind with stud finders is just that they may sense something besides a stud in your wall. Therefore, you do not want to just slap the finder on the wall and then immediately start drilling. Instead, remember that studs are usually spaced about 16 to 24 inches apart. Therefore, you should locate at least two studs to make sure your stud finder is picking up a stud instead of pipes or wiring.

Are the best stud finders magnetic or electronic?

When shopping for stud finders, the main choice is between magnetic and electronic models. Magnetic stud finders work by detecting metal, so they can find the metal fasteners inside the studs. These are affordable and do not need power to run. However, they can pick up things like metal pipes or other metal inside the wall, making them less accurate. Electronic stud finders use electric sensors to sense density changes behind the wall. This makes them more accurate at finding actual studs instead of pipes, wiring or fasteners. The only downside is that they are pricier and need batteries to work.

Do the best stud finders have display screens?

Some stud finders use a simple LED light or a beeping noise to let you know when they have found a stud. Technically, this is all you need. However, it can make it easy to miss a detected stud if you are not paying attention. A screen can give you a more noticeable guide when finding studs. It is especially useful if you pick a stud finder with features like depth sensing or wire sensing. For studs with more elaborate sensing methods and adjustments, the screen helps you better control the device. Just keep in mind stud finders with screens are more expensive.

What are some of the best stud finder optional features?

stud finder A helpful feature found on many studs is a level. Whether this is a laser or liquid level, it can be very useful if you are planning on using the stud finder for projects like shelving. Some stud finders have a signal strength indicator that tells you whether the target is shallow or deep. Sometimes, you can even adjust the signal strength to specifically hunt for studs at different depths. This can help you better identify studs in walls that contain a lot of other materials.


Another useful feature to look for is a center punch, which marks a tiny hole in the center of a stud on command. You can use this to quickly mark where you need to drill. If you are a professional who will be using the stud finder every day, it may also be worth selecting an ergonomic model. This design reduces strain and makes it easy to hold up the finder over and over. For those worried about scratching the wall, consider a stud finder with a soft pad to cushion the device.

Do the best stud finders require calibration or maintenance?

This depends on the type of stud finder you get. Magnetic models are often the simplest to use since you can take them out of the package and start working right away. If you get an electronic stud finder, you can expect a little more setup. Most will require you to install batteries before you begin. Furthermore, many styles ask you to place the stud finder on an empty part of the wall and push a calibration button. Altogether, setup for any model should be done in under a minute. Once you start using it, you just have to keep it charged.


Best Stud Finder Models to Buy

Are you trying to hang up pictures or install shelves but cannot find any studs? A stud finder makes it easy to do all sorts of home improvement and home decor projects. Check out this guide to learn which type of stud finder is the best.

  • While electronic stud finders are more accurate, magnetic models are cheaper.

  • Some helpful stud finder features include center punch holes, levels, ergonomic grips, adjustable depth and padded backs.

  • Stud finders may use LED lights, LCDs or beeping sounds to tell you when they find a stud.

 StudPoP Magnetic Stud Finder


StudPoP Magnetic Stud Finder $12

This stud finder from StudPoP may not have the widest scanning area, but it also does not need batteries or calibration. When the magnet finds the stud, it signals both audibly and visually to alert the user.


Multi-Function Stud Finder

This stud finder is enabled with multi-mode detection. It can detect metals of up to 38mm. It can also detect AC live wire and has got an LCD display with a multi-sensor detector. The signal is indicated by sound and is quickly able to locate edges. It is quick to detect metal studs, joists, rebars, pipes, and live AC wire. Not just stud mode, this can also be used in metal mode and AC mode. The product comes up with a replacement warranty of twelve months.Stud Finders Multi Function Wall finder Stud Finder with Sound Warning for AC Wire, Metal, Wall Studs, Wood

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